Janit Sriganeshaelankovan

Toronto, Canada
Key ID: 6EC4C249C30EBD02


Image Display in Terminal


Java Code Generator

  • Generate Java code using draw.io UML class diagrams
  • Generate code for classes (class, abstract, interface), properties, methods, getters, and setters
  • Parse the XML of the UML diagram into a style tree and convert into syntax tree
  • Future feature includes using OpenCV (computer vision) for code generation on any UML class diagram
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Stock Dashboard

Python, Flask, SQLite
  • View aggregate information on any public company using its ticker symbol
  • Information provided by the dashboard includes business summary, company news, financial statements and more
  • Information is gathered by web scraping of various static and dynamic sites
  • Dashboard includes authentication and authorization with registered user features
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MongoDb, Express, React, Node, Python
  • Finds the overlapping area of two locations and the meeting places that fall within that area (currently only for Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • Uses isochrone contours to find the overlapping areas
  • Consume the MapQuest API for geocoding and the MapBox API for the isochrone contours
  • Python used for the inital data cleaning of the meeting locations
  • Click here to view video demo
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capstone group project - contactless restaurant management service (crms)

React, React Native, Firestore, Firebase Authentication
  • Provide innovative front and back of house technologies that promote efficient and contactless operations
  • CRMS provides two products; restaurant management web application and the customer mobile application
  • Restaurant management web application provides dashboard to view customer analysis reports, manage employees, view real-time reservations, and update menus
  • Customer mobile application provides integrated payment methods, self-service orders, reservations, and crowd-generated reviews
  • Click here to view video demo (skip to 4:33)
  • Project Plan
  • Project Vision
  • Requirements Analysis and Design
  • Data Flow Diagram
  • Project Status Report 1
  • Project Status Report 2

Financial Payment Mangement Application

Java, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Thymeleaf
  • Application allows to save credit cards and manage payment profiles
  • Spring security for authorization, authentication, password reset and email verification features
  • Messaging feature for support communication between admin and users
  • Used Thymeleaf as template engine (with Bootstrap)
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Products API

Go, MongoDB, Gorilla Toolkit
  • REST API for creating, reading, updating, deleting & searching products written in Go
  • Data stored in MongoDB cloud (MongoDB Atlas)
  • Gorilla/mux used for URL routing and dispatching
  • API documented using Swagger (go-swagger)
  • Click here for GitHub

Equation Solver

  • Console Application to solve equations using order of operations
  • Outputs the steps taken to solve the equation
  • Solves equations by converting infix form to postfix form
  • Data Structures used: Stack (Linked List Representation)
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